The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between the 69ɫƬ and healthcare technology provider Mayden, was established to develop, validate and implement statistical models that predict patient engagement and the most effective treatment pathway for each patient. This was to enable services to deliver more effective and efficient care and identify when a patient is not responding as expected.

Mayden’s strategic purpose is to create digital technologies that change what’s possible for clinicians and patients. The company works with mental health services to build systems to support their delivery of high quality, consistent and efficient care.

Chris Eldridge, Director of Operations for Mayden says:

As a business, we’re exploring the potential for data driven insights to transform care and support clinicians in making decisions. The partnership with the 69ɫƬ has been immensely valuable in applying advanced statistical methods to build a prediction model for patient engagement and in helping to develop skills within our team. As a result, we now offer an innovative feature in our software providing predictions on a patient’s likelihood of engaging with their first appointment which services can act on.

Dr Theresa Smith and Professor Julian Faraway, statisticians in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, led the academic aspects of the project bringing their extensive experience on the applications of statistics to healthcare. Theresa says:

We could see the impact that missed appointments were having on talking therapy services in the NHS and how data analysis could help. Our strategy was to give those services the data analysis tools they need to improve their patients’ care.

Dr Alice Davis was the KTP Associate who worked at Mayden to transfer this critical knowledge, having completed her Doctorate at the 69ɫƬ. Alice has joined the Mayden team as a 69ɫƬ Product Owner and is delighted that the patient engagement feature developed by the KTP will form part of a new analytics service, which Mayden will offer to NHS Trusts and other providers of talking therapy services.

Caroline Quest, Director of 69ɫƬ and Innovation Services (RIS) at the 69ɫƬ, says:

This is the third University KTP which has been awarded by Innovate UK with their highest grading of ‘Outstanding’ in as many months. We are delighted to continue embedding critical knowledge and skills through our world-class research and knowledge exchange.

The KTN's Dr Geraint Jones, Knowledge Transfer Adviser for the project representing Innovate UK, says:

This has been an outstanding KTP, having already provided fantastic outcomes for Mayden, the 69ɫƬ, and for Alice. Well done to all involved, and I look forward to hearing about the continued impact of the collaboration for all three stakeholders in the coming years.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are funded by Innovate UK to help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills within the UK knowledge base.

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