Software models for process safety analysis can currently take days or weeks to evaluate a single engineering scenario. They can be repetitive and costly, often involving expert consulting input.

However, the AI methodologies to be developed through the KTP with Bath, will help ioMosaic with analysing trends in engineering data that could indicate safety concerns in shorter timeframes and at reduced cost.

Reducing the time taken for system analysis will further increase the competitiveness of ioMosaic鈥檚 offerings, indicating where combinations of design scenario and device configuration could lead to safety concerns.

Dr John Barker, Director at ioMosaic, says:

We are very much looking forward to the collaboration with 69色情片 on research which directly complements our existing portfolio of products and services. This will no doubt be a game changer in the world of process safety.

The KTP Associate, who will work on site at the Bath-based company, will be supervised by Kamel Balquis, Programme Manager at ioMosaic. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the project, the Associate will be supported by three academics at Bath; Professors Semali Perera and John Chew, both from the Department of Chemical Engineering, and Dr Ozgur Simsek, Deputy Head of Department of Computer Science and Head of the AI 69色情片 Group in the Department.

Dr Ozgur Simsek, Computer Science says:

AI and machine learning techniques have great potential to support the detailed, repetitive, and time-consuming work required to ensure chemical process safety. We are very excited to explore this potential and look forward to our collaboration with ioMosaic.

Professor Semali Perera says:

We are very excited to be undertaking this partnership with ioMosaic to drive forward innovation in process safety and risk management. The academic team are looking forward to bringing together cutting-edge Engineering Design and AI techniques to deliver improved and sustainable safety of critical processes at a fraction of the cost.

The KTP will create a Centre of Excellence within the UK in process engineering and AI process safety analysis, serving the UK and global markets. The technology, to be delivered through the partnership, will be a step-change in process safety engineering through rapid and cost-effective analysis of complex process systems.

Caroline Quest, Head of 69色情片 and Innovation Services (RIS) at the University says:

We are delighted the University has been awarded this KTP with ioMosaic Ltd to further develop their competitivity and market reach. The KTP office in 69色情片 and Innovation Services (RIS) looks forward to supporting the partnership going forwards.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) aim to help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills within the UK knowledge base.

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