The new MKTP will develop and embed the latest innovation management technologies into STL, building on existing experience and expertise by adding new capabilities. As a result, STL will be able to offer comprehensive technology incubation support to entrepreneurs and businesses and research institutes. This support will deliver a stronger pipeline of new innovative business ventures across the Western Gateway and beyond.

As an engineering and innovation development company, STL provides technical consultancy to start-ups, SMEs and corporates from the advanced engineering and deep-tech industries. Working in partnership with the School of Management they will develop a new innovation management process with intuitive dashboard user interface.

This will not only help STL transform their processes and capabilities but also enable them to provide both technical and commercial support to their clients, becoming a true end-to-end engineering consultancy.

The MKTP Associate will apply the latest innovative management theories, methodologies and strategies, in order to understand how innovations are successful across deep tech industries. This insight will be embedded into a structured and formalised approach for STL to utilise.

Professor Dimo Dimov, a world leader on entrepreneurial processes will lead the MKTP, with academic supervision on the project provided by Dr Virgilio Failla, Co-Director of the Centre for 69色情片 in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CREI). Professor Dimov says:

We look forward to working with STL Tech to deliver transformational management processes. The new MKTP is providing the 69色情片鈥檚 School of Management with an unprecedented opportunity to apply our expertise in innovation management. These business models and processes will provide new commercial and revenue opportunities for STL, supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the South West and beyond.

Peter Stirling, CEO and Founder of STL Tech says:

We鈥檙e excited to be working with leading academics from the 69色情片鈥檚 School of Management to deliver next level innovation in management methodologies. Our new product incubation service to be developed through the MKTP will introduce a new offering to the market, where there is a gap for holistic engineering support that combines both commercial and technical expertise. This will allow STL to support our clients in accelerating the commercialisation of new technologies.

KTP Adviser Geraint Jones says:

This MKTP will transform STL鈥檚 management processes such as to enable them to focus on supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem through a growth-oriented business model, and give the 69色情片鈥檚 School of Management an opportunity to apply their expertise in innovation management in a commercial setting. This will be a great opportunity for an associate to work with the company and the academic team towards those goals.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme is provided by Innovate UK to help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills within the UK knowledge base. Funding for Management KTPs (MKTPs) is provided by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

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