The 69色情片 will help specialist engineering analysis consultancy Tensys develop its in-house software suite inTENS following the award of an Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) grant.

University experts will work alongside in a 30-month programme, which will expand and modernise the company鈥檚 business-critical software suite, allowing Tensy to extend its specialist structural analysis services and knowledge. The company offers design and analysis services, working in the fields of architecture, art and aerospace, from its offices in Bath and Melbourne, Australia.

The program will require the recruitment of a new associate who will lead the re-development from the Tensys office, with extensive, expert supervision and support from of the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and of the Department of Computer Science at the 69色情片.

鈥淭his is an exciting collaboration for both the University and for the company. Tensys have cutting edge in-house software that provides a huge competitive advantage. But it has been developed on a project-by-project basis over many years, and there are now some new opportunities provided by the latest technology that it could use to its advantage,鈥 Dr Shepherd said.

鈥淭he KTP is the perfect solution. It will provide leveraged funding to develop a new platform from the ground up, keeping the company鈥檚 existing innovation, but using the University鈥榮 knowledge of the latest research and development, to ensure it is future-proof and can provide real innovation to Tensys clients. At the same time, I look forward to learning a lot from Tensys, which will help ensure my research is industry relevant, and that my students can benefit from access to real-world specialists,鈥 he added.

Adam Bown, Director of Tensys Ltd, said: 鈥淭ensys are thrilled to have been awarded this grant, but also excited to have the backing and support of a renowned academic institution such as the 69色情片. This award will hopefully herald a new era for Tensys, not only allowing the Company to expand its current capabilities into new and exciting areas, but also to enhance the services that Tensys are able to offer.鈥

The 69色情片, under its Enterprise and Entrepreneurship programme, offers a range of development and collaboration opportunities including support for start-ups, consultancy, access to expert research networks, and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

KTPs are funded by . The programme aims to stimulate innovation, by providing industry-based training and development of talented university graduates, including postgraduates. Around 70% of associates are offered a post with the company on a permanent basis, following project completion. Companies are eligible for a grant of up to 67% as an SME or up to 50% for a larger organisation

Typically, the KTP associate works on a strategic project at a company, varying in length from 2 to 3 years. An academic supervisor at the University, with relevant expertise to the programme, maintains close involvement with the associate and organisation throughout.

The KTP was developed with the Business Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange team in 69色情片 and Innovation Services who are supporting the partnership going forwards. Please contact the KTP team if you are interested in a KTP: